Prevention is Key
It is our goal to proactively preserve your oral health. At Dr. Ali Behzadi, DMD, preventative dental care is a strong focus of our practice. Through cosmetic dentistry, your smile can always be restored to a beautiful state, however, optimum health always starts with proper oral hygiene care. Oral wellness also consists of a balanced bite and proper alignment of the teeth. The first step to preserving your smile is a dental hygiene visit to our practice.

Dental Cleanings

Rest assured, your dental cleaning will be thorough and gentle. During your routine cleaning, a full assessment of your oral health will be made. Our modern dental technology allows us to determine your risk of decay, infection, and disease. If you are at higher risk of periodontal disease, your oral health will benefit from a deeper type of cleaning – please visit our “periodontics page” for in-depth coverage of this procedure. We typically recommend a dental hygiene visit twice a year.

Proper Occlusion

Occlusion is a term we use for how your teeth come together during the biting process. A healthy bite is comfortable and keeps your teeth in good condition. An improper bite may lead to chipped, worn, loose teeth, and painful joints. Dental restorations to correct occlusion are considered to be a preventative measure. Several dental services we offer including crowns, Invisalign, dental implants, and more will correct and improve occlusion.

Uncompromising Quality Materials

We use natural-looking, safe, and environmentally conscious materials. We never place anything toxic or dangerous for your health into your mouth. Our restorations are made entirely from composite or porcelain materials, both of which are long-lasting and beautiful. If dental sealants are desired – a thin layer of material is “painted” onto the biting surface of your teeth, providing a very natural look while protecting your teeth from harmful bacteria. By providing excellent preventative Orlando, FL dental care, we can help you keep your mouth in tip-top shape for life. Contact us for your appointment today!