We create stunning smiles with long-lasting, natural-looking restorations. Although your teeth are very strong, at times minor repairs may be needed. Restorative dental work performed in our office includes:

Metal-free Fillings
We only offer metal-free fillings. Unlike the mercury found in older metal fillings, composite materials are a beautiful and safe alternative used for repairing tooth decay. Composite fillings are expertly matched to your existing teeth, creating a natural, seamless appearance. These long-lasting restorations will never weaken your tooth.

Crowns and Bridges
Our ceramic crowns and bridges are made from the highest quality materials, enabling us to restore your smile to an ideal balance and function.

Metal-Free Materials are Advantageous
Restorations placed by Your Downtown Dentistry are typically made from porcelain, tooth-colored composites that look natural and restore function to your smile. Original tooth strength and stability are renewed with the bonding strength of metal-free fillings, inlays, and onlays. Additionally, the benefits include:

  • Long-lasting results
  • Bacteria is sealed out
  • A natural appearance
  • No harmful mercury
  • No tooth discoloration
  • Conservative treatment which bonds to your tooth
  • Unlike metal, they do not expand and contract with temperature
  • Prevention is Key

We believe prevention now can protect your teeth from advanced dental procedures further down the road. Safeguard your teeth from decay by scheduling regular hygiene appointments with us. With our state-of-the-art diagnostics, we can identify the beginning stages of decay before they turn into bigger, more extensive health risks. Schedule your appointment today!