Replace Missing Teeth – Orlando, FL

Building Complete Smiles to Boost Confidence

Woman smiling on couch

Any number of missing teeth can cause mental, emotional, and physical problems that only grow worse over time. At Your Downtown Dentistry, we have two highly skilled dentists, Dr. Behzadi and Dr. Nabi, who can replace, repair, and rebuild smiles using various tooth replacement solutions: dental bridges, dentures, and dental implants. Let us know if you’re ready to get your complete smile back, and our team will be eager to discuss your options.

Why Choose Your Downtown Dentistry for Replacing Missing Teeth?

  • In-House Dental Implant Placement & Restoration
  • Natural-Looking Restorations for a More Lifelike Appearance
  • Privately-Owned Boutique Dental Practice

Dental Bridges

Illustrated dental bridge replacing a missing tooth

When a single tooth or several are missing in a row, you need a form of treatment that will not only fill in the gap but also remain firmly in place. With a dental bridge that consists of two dental crowns and pontics (artificial teeth), we can rebuild your smile to look brand-new. Attaching the crowns to healthy adjacent teeth allows the pontics to fill the space so that all you see is a complete, beautiful smile.


Dentist holding a set of full dentures

Full and partial dentures that use metal clasps and natural suction help recreate complete smiles; however, they only replace the visible parts of teeth. If you want a solution that takes tooth replacement to the next level, consider implant dentures. With titanium posts that fit within your jawbone to mimic tooth roots and provide stimulation, you can walk away with a fully restored smile that looks natural, feels comfortable, and can last a lifetime.

Dental Implants

Illustrated X ray of a person with a dental implant replacing a missing tooth

Dental implants are small titanium, screw-like posts that are designed to fuse with the jaw so that they create a stable foundation for any number of missing teeth. Capable of replacing one tooth, multiple teeth, or an entire arch, these prosthetics require no additional adhesives. They can remain in place for as long as you live while making you look and feel like your teeth were never missing in the first place. 

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